“The staffs always ensure that the students are being checked up on, to make sure we are safe. Whenever we had any problems, for instance, a flickering light bulb or a runny tap, their response to these difficulties are often very efficient. They make sure that they get it fixed as soon as possible. Palmerston House is also very near school which makes it really convenient for students who do not like to wake up early and its really good to have someone prepare all your meals, it saves a lot of hassle!” – Melissa


“Palmerston house is really a homey place. You can feel the warmth as everyone here is so nice. There’s always Jeffrey and Ivon to turn to if anything goes wrong. We chilled, we studied, we did heaps of things together. You can have my word, be a Palmie and you’ll never regret :)” – Bianca


“Great House! Yummy Food! Caring Guardians! Fabulous Friends! Under one roof and care, I encounter everything simultaneously! For a new comer, there is no need to worry of not having friends or difficulty in solving the troubles.” – Stephanie


"Palmerston House is a very comfortable place to live in. It makes me feel homey. Also, I had a great chance of meeting people from other countries. Everyone here is very friendly, but I still believe that we have to do our part as a roommate/house mate. Nevertheless, our tenants are very friendly. If there are any problems with the house, our tenants will help us fix it as soon as possible. The meals are quite nice and they provide different type of dishes everyday."  – Elaine


"Palmerston House, A lot of friends staying together. Many types of food are served. A warm house outside your house " – Kevin


Palmerston House, 2/105 Palmerston Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia
Telephone : +61 3 98802038